Introducing the Resco BullFrog Heritage

In January 1962, the first SEAL Teams were commissioned by President John F. Kennedy to conduct unconventional warfare, counter-guerilla warfare and clandestine operations in maritime and riverine environments. These Teams were SEAL Team ONE on the West Coast and SEAL Team TWO on the East Coast. During Vietnam, the SEALs compiled an impressive record of combat success. That legacy and heritage of combat effectiveness has been demonstrated in every theater of war since. There are more Teams now but the rich heritage of common men with an uncommon desire to succeed remains.

bull•frog  (blfrôg, -frg) n.
Any of several large, heavy-bodied frogs, chiefly of the genus Rana and especially R. catesbeiana, native to North America and having a characteristic deep resonant croak. The term “BULLFROG” is also used to identify the longest serving active duty US NAVY SEAL or FrogMan.

The Bullfrog is a Heritage Piece that honors the FrogMen of yesterday and today, and is designed to be just as tough as the men for whom it was designed. Taking inspiration from the Elgin Canteen, the first watch issued to the Teams, it features a canteen style hinged crown. The dial maintains Resco’s simple and readable dial layout with the addition of the SEAL Trident or “Freddie The Frog” limited edition icon in gloss on a matte dial. As with all Resco watches, the BullFrog Heritage is built and tested at our facility on Coronado Island, the location of SEAL Team One, where it all began.

To commemorate the 5oth Anniversary of the Teams, we will offer only 50 of these limited edition pieces to the public. The breakdown will be; 13 PVD Trident, 13 PVD Freddie, 12 Bead Blasted Trident and 12 Bead Blasted Freddie.