Before the days of night-vision optics and thermal riflescopes, things had to be done the hard way. This meant that your mission would likely depend upon a few simple items; a dive knife, a set of flippers, a satchel charge full of explosives and a good dive watch. This is how the world worked when Draper Kauffman, the United States’ first Frogman smashed his way to the top.

Like Draper Kauffman, Naval Commandos of today crush missions and though often times are out numbered they are never out gunned. Through the years of warfare much of the equipment has changed. Weapons have evolved into very complicated machines of every shape and size while one thing has remained the same. The watch. A classic mission/dive timer remains the most crucial piece of required equipment carried by the Amphibious Commando. His watch tells him when to leave, when to get picked up…when he’s late and when the beer lamp is lit. The Kauffman Dive Watch is just as much a tribute to the Father of Naval Special Warfare as it is to the Barrel Chested Frogmen that packed charges on the beaches from Normandy France to Iwo Jima and every Island in between. With simple lines and classic styling, the Kauffman is the easiest to read RESCO Watch to date. At 44mm in diameter, the Kauffman has a readable presence on the wrist without being too oversized and heavy. The Kauffman is now available with either the Automatic, Self-winding, Swiss Eta 2824 movement or the Swiss Quartz movement.