Do our watches have a warranty? 

Yes, our warranty covers one year after date of purchase (does not include customer caused flood or abuse). We offer service options after warranty. We keep service costs as low as possible; we will be here to assist you if needed!

Does Resco offer a return policy? 

Yes. $50 restock fee will be applied to every watch return and shipping fees are never refunded. Customer must return watch within five days of receiving the timepiece; there must be no sign of wear and all pieces, parts and case must be returned. No returns outside of 5 days (of customer signing for watch) will be accepted. Ship to our post box (shipping address only, not physical address): 638 Camino De Los Mares; Suite H130, PMB #425; San Clemente, CA 92673 (all carriers accepted). We recommend shipping via UPS versus USPS; though the choice is yours!

Within the shipment please identify yourself and note refund request. Do not ship refund pieces in a envelope (not even a padded envelope), rather ship in a box! And tape your box closed.... We will not refund something we do not receive!

Where do I send Upgrades, Service and Returns (Resco pieces only)?

Pricing for common service items can be viewed in the Service section of our site (top/center of homepage). Return shipping fees will always be invoiced.

Please ship upgrades, service and return requests to our Watchmaker's post box:

Resco Instruments
638 Camino De Los Mares
Suite H130, PMB #425
San Clemente, CA 92673

The above address is a shipping address (not a physical Resco shop address). Please include a service request form (link can be found in service tab, top center of our homepage). Please note who you are, the service you are requesting, contact information and a return address. We recommend that you ship with insurance and tracking. We recommend shipping via UPS versus USPS; though the choice is yours!

Do not ship service pieces in a envelope (not even a padded envelope), rather ship in a box! And tape your box closed... We cannot service something we do not receive!

Repairs take 1-2 weeks, depending on current building queue at time repair is received. Service fee/s and UPS return shipping will be invoiced to customer. PO Box addresses ship via USPS. Tracking will be emailed.

Items left in Resco Service Center (customer not responding to Resco) for more than 90 days becomes the property of Resco!

I've emailed/called Resco and have not heard back; what should I do?
We get so many emails/calls each day; and we receive a ridiculous amount of spam... If you have emailed and you have not heard back... email again or give us a call. We do check our email daily and sometimes your emails end-up in our spam folder. Just communicate with us; we're always happy to assist.

Does a portion of each sale go to Navy Seals?

No, though we donate 10+/- watches per year to functions that directly support Military, LEO members and their families.

Does Resco sell customer information?


Can a customer visit the Resco Shop?

No. After having a storefront in CA for 12+ years, our CA Shop has closed and we no longer have a physical store. We no longer have interest in being in CA.

Is a Quartz movement more durable and accurate than an Automatic movement?

Yes, without a doubt! Most of our models can be built in either Automatic or Quartz; contact us if you see a watch on our website that you prefer in Quartz, it is likely that we can convert. Standard battery life is 3 year.

We provide lifetime battery change for Resco Quartz watches; customer is invoiced return shipping; any and all Resco service includes pressure and vacuum test certificate.

What is the difference between a Quartz movement and an Automatic movement?


A battery movement; brings accuracy and durability to the table. Has a 3 year battery and we offer lifetime battery change (customer is invoiced for return shipping). A Quartz movement offers more wear and tear and accurate timing. Only negative to Quartz (in our opinion): if hit hard enough (as in dropped on the ground) the battery could be knocked out of battery holder, or hands knocked off stem. We can assist if you find yourself in that situation - quick turnaround in our service center. Seconds hand will tick versus sweep; may not always line-up to printed indexes or minute track on the dial.

Accuracy of a Quartz build is within 1/10 of a second, spot on!


An automatic movement; self-winding mechanism. No battery; wear, winding and calibration are required for this movement to keep time. Automatic movements are more valuable and more collectable. Only negative to Auto (in our opinion): parts are more expensive to replace. We can assist if you find yourself needing Resco Auto service - quick turnaround in our service center. Seconds hand will sweep versus tick.

Accuracy of an Auto: Realistically, fully wound auto has a run time of 30-36 hours and a +/- 7 seconds per day.

Sellita Specs (Elaborate): Sw200 is a beautiful automatic movement! Offers: hours, minutes and sweep seconds. Date with quick setting function. Self-winding mechanism with ball bearing and a 41 hour power reserve.

Why did Resco switch their Auto builds from Eta to Sellita in 2022?

All we ever do is try to make things better for the Customer. We think Sellita is a better movement; we see this in the timing, hand alignment, date wheel alignment and wear. We have the equipment that backs this information. All around, on our workbench and on our wrists, the Sellita is better than Eta.

If you prefer any of our Auto builds in the Standard ETA 2824 movement, please contact us and pay the Eta movement fee of $300. We prefer Sellita, though we understand that some prefer Eta. The movement fee cannot be discounted.

The SW and the ETA movements are interchangeable; we sometimes fulfill an order with Eta versus SW if we have the build ready to go in Eta. The price difference (increase) on the Eta has solely to do with the difficulty in securing the movement.

Can Resco pieces be built with the crown on the left?

Yes - we can build our Auto Gen1, Gen2, Udt, Bullfrog and Sea Pearl as a lefty. Email or call us with the build request and we'll provide you with a build picture.

Where does Resco source their parts?

Loose lips sink ships! We do not disclose where we source parts; those are trade secrets; we have worked hard over the years to find quality vendors.

After purchase, can a customer convert an Auto to Quartz (and vise-vera)?

We can easily convert Automatic to Quartz ($50) plus return shipping.

Quartz to Automatic is dependent on the watch collection (dependent on movement required). We cannot yet convert the Chronograph to Automatic.

Either direction you go (to Quartz or to Auto), hands would also need to be purchased, as hands are different for each of the movements (hands run $25 each).

Can Resco convert their Quartz GMT to Auto?

Yes; as long as we have the Auto movement in stock!! We do not promise the availability of this conversion. You need to communicate with us if you are interested. We offer a conversion kit for customer that currently have Resco Quartz GMT and desire to go Auto. Conversion from Quartz to Auto will run $500; conversion from Eta Auto to SW Auto will run $450 plus return shipping.

Our Automatic GMT is the SW330-2; with a power reserve of 56 hours.

What is DLC and PVD Coating?

We utilize both (primarily DLC); they are two types of durable black coating. While very similar, the composition of each makes them different.

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) is a vapor that uses blasted carbon to create a durable black coating found on majority of our watch cases.

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a process that produces a durable baked-on black coating found on our Manus watch cases.

We prefer DLC and we will eventually only have DLC; we often refer to each as being the same; as the two are so similar.  

Will Resco change watch dial or hands to a different color after I purchase a watch?

Yes. Depends on the available inventory in stock; contact customer service to discuss. A service fee will be applied.

Does Resco offer engraving?
Yes. This service requires up to an additional week+/- before we can ship your completed order (dependent on our availability). Engraving fees cannot be refunded. Engraved pieces cannot be returned. Our case backs are screw-down; engraving will not lineup with lug bars.

Can I order extra parts for my watch?

Yes, parts can be purchased in the Straps and Parts portion of our website.

What to do if you break a lug bar?

Lug bars can be purchased on our website. Don't over-tighten lug bar/s or you will snap the head off the lug bar screw. We will always have lug bars for all collections.

What should a guy do if he is struggling with removal of a lug bar?

First, that a deep breath. Maybe walk away for a minute and come back after you take your dog on a walk.

Here are some basic watch tools that we keep at our work station: T8 hex screwdriver (we sell them), spring bar tool (we sell them), standard 2mm hex wrench set (each watch comes with a set and we sell them) and watchmaking cleaning putty/Rodico (no we do not sell this) - the putty can hold one lug bar in place when you remove the other screw. If you don't want to purchase putty use some well chewed gum.

Remember to replace your lug bars (the cost is low and it's a crucial part, buy new ones from time to time!)

Do not use a hammer on a watch.... ever!

If you are still struggling... Feel free to call us and we'll walk you through the process.

Does Resco offer a Payment Plan?

Yes. Customer can pay as much or as little as they would like to pay monthly; minimum of $100. Monthly invoice is sent from our checkout. No interest is collected. Watch will ship when paid in full (state tax must be paid for WA residents only). PayPal processing fees of 4% will be kept if refund is requested.

Resco will cancel a payment plan (return paid funds minus 4%) if a payment is not made toward a payment plan in over 3 months time.

Customer can adjust monthly payment amount and/or request more frequent invoices be sent. Just communicate - we are easy to work with.

Does Resco offer a military and FD/LE discount?

We have a current discount live on our website (-15%) and do not stack discounts. Resco offers a 10% active duty military and FD/LE discount and a 15% active duty SEAL discount; send email address verification to We do not want or need to see your photo ID. Thank you for your attachment!

Are you looking for a majorly discounted piece?

We have bump/ding/floor model cases from time to time that discount up to -35%. Let us know which piece you are looking for (as in which model and which dial), email, and we'll let you know if we can assist! Mar/ding pieces are sold as-is. Hex wrenches and warranty card are included, though a Resco watch box is not included with mar/ding/discount pieces (customer can purchase watch box separate). It can take us a week or so to respond to mar/ding requests, as we respond around our daily work load.

Does customer pay state tax?

WA residents pay tax, as we are located in WA.

Where do I enter the discount promo code?

In the final stage of checkout.

Does Resco offer gift cards?

Yes, gift cards can be purchased from our website or via the phone; gift cards never expire and cannot be refunded for cash.

What method of shipping does Resco use?

We ship new watch purchases via Expedited UPS; customer has option of Next Day UPS or FedEx for an additional charge. Contact us to arrange Next Day shipping. Next Day shipping fees are not 100% nonrefundable.

Service Center Shipments: Customer has the option of USPS Priority or UPS 3 Day (shipping fee is invoiced to customer).

Knives, straps, parts, apparel, APO and PO Box ship via USPS.

Does Resco ship watches everyday of the week?

Our shipping days are Tuesday and Thursday; though we most often ship daily. We ship new watch purchases via UPS 2 Day with signature required. If you will not be home to sign, please coordinate accordingly. Your local UPS Store will often accept packages and hold for customer pickup (you need to coordinate with them).

Does Resco Ship Internationally?

We sure try, depending on the location. We reserve the right to refund, and not ship, an international purchase if we feel uncomfortable with the order details. 

Shall I keep my watches on a watch winder?
We do not recommend a winder; as the winder puts continued wear on your movement. We suggest that you allow your watch to run down if not being worn; give it a wind (25 rounds), date and time set when ready to wear again.

Where can I find my serial number?

You can find the serial number on your watch case back.

Does Resco offer tritium rather than SuperLuminova?

We prefer SuperLuminova; we may eventually have a tritium option.

Is the Gen2 Patriot case one piece or two piece?

Over the years we have gone back and forth between one piece and two piece Gen2 cases; neither is better than the other. They are just different. We have never had problems with either.

Why does Resco make changes to case design... to add variety.

What is the thickness of the Sapphire crystal on Resco watches?


Are Resco crowns screw-down?


Can I dive with a Resco?

Yes; 100 - 500 meter rating depending on the piece.

What is the temperature rating for movements used?

Per manufactures specification for the oil used in our movements, a safe temperature rating is -29C to +70C.

Should Loctite be used on Resco lug bars?

Yes, we recommend purple. Blue or Red can be used for a more permanent hold.

What is the best way to stay in the Resco loop?

Follow on Instagram; we no longer Facebook.

Can a guy buff scratches out of his stainless steel link?

Grab your dremel and use a 300 grit buffing wheel tip - it works great to buff scratches as well as give your steel link more of a brushed look versus the blasted!

Does Resco sell product on Ebay?

Resco does not sell our watches on Ebay. If you are buying a Resco watch on another site, other than or; the product is possibly stolen or fraudulent. From time to time we participate in collaboration work; feel free to contact us if you would like to verify authenticity.

Are Resco pieces available anywhere other than Resco's website?

Resco's website is the main source for purchasing; we do not have physical locations around the country.

How does Smitty make that GooseWorks blade so damn sharp?

He works on a Wicked Edge and starts at #50 grit and goes down the scale to #600 grit. At a 20* angle.

If you decide to take your folder apart, please make sure you're working with the correct tools and correct TORX size! Call or text us if you need to know TORX size. This is common sense, though some struggle to understand the importance of correct TORX size. Yes, we'll assist if you mess up your blade parts. We'll provide the work, though you will be invoiced return shipping and screw replacement fee if you've stripped the screws.

Steel link notes:
If you are struggling, please communicate with us; we can walk you through installation. This should go smoothly.
- Mount steel with the diver (on clasp) toward the 6 o’clock side of the watch.
- When removing links, it is best to equally remove links from the forward/clasp side. Steel is tapered.
- On each mini lug bar, one screw head is permanent and one screw can be removed.
- Loctite is recommended for steel.
- End pieces have been tested to ensure the best fit for the serial number you provided.
- You can push lug bar against a table edge to assist lug bar through end piece.
- Miro-adjustment can be made on the clasp; we recommend using a toothpick when adjusting.

How does a guy use a Tidal bezel?
Put the HW (High water) Pip at time of nearest high tide.
Monitor progress of tide with the fractions on the bezel.
¾ would represent the tide being ¾ lower than high tide.
Your center lume pip always represents high tide.
NW (no water)
The 2 represents the start of the next tide (after the hour hand goes all the way around).
This bezel function is approximate and only good for 24 hour time period.

If you struggle with this instruction; find more information on the internet.

How does a guy use a 12 Hour bezel?

You can utilize this bezel to track a second time zone; align the bezel's hour markers to correspond to the desired time difference.

If you struggle with this instruction; find more information on the internet.

How do I change a nylon strap?

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I change a leather/ballistic/buffalo/canvas/rubber strap?

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I change a Velcro strap?

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I install my link bracelet?

Checkout this YouTube video

What should I do if my watch changes date at noon each day?.....

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I operate my Automatic GMT (RC/RCTAC/RTAC)? Be mindful that we now sell RTAC in both Quartz and Auto.

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I operate my Quartz GMT (RC/RCTAC/RTAC)? Be mindful that we now sell RTAC in both Quartz and Auto.

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I operate my Manus Chronograph?

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I operate my Resco Quartz RTAC GMT Folds of Honor?

Checkout this YouTube video

Thank you for your interest in Resco! Updated 12/23/23.