Do our watches have a warranty? 

Yes, our warranty covers one year after date of purchase. We offer service options after warranty. We keep service costs as low as possible for those that require service.

Does Resco offer a return policy? 

Yes. $50 restock fee will be applied to every watch return. Customer must return watch within five days of receiving the timepiece; there must be no sign of wear and all pieces, parts and case must be returned. No returns outside of 5 days (of customer signing for watch) will be accepted.

Does a portion of each sale go to Navy Seals?

No, though we donate 20+ watches per year to functions that directly support wounded Military, LEO members and their families.

Can a customer visit the Resco Shop?

Yes, but by appointment only. Please email or call customer service to schedule a visit; as our shop hours are limited.

What are the hours of the Shop?

Customer service is available Monday-Thursday 8-2 and Friday 8-12;

HQ Cell # 619-203-4581.

Watch Service Center is available Monday - Wednesday, 7-2. Watchmaker schedule is flex, if you require immediate service, please call to verify if he is in before coming to our shop; Landline #619-319-5864.

Is a Quartz movement more durable and accurate than an Automatic movement?

Yes, without a doubt! Most of our models are available in either Automatic or Quartz; give us a call if you see a watch on our website that you prefer in Quartz, it is likely that we can convert. Standard battery life is 3 year.

We provide lifetime battery change for Resco Quartz watches; customer is invoiced return shipping; any and all Resco service includes pressure and vacuum test certificate.

What is the difference between a Quartz movement and an Automatic movement?


A battery movement; brings accuracy and durability to the table. Has a 3 year battery and we offer lifetime battery change (customer is invoiced for return shipping). A Quartz movement offers more wear and tear and accurate timing.


An automatic movement; a premium self-winding, Eta 2824. No battery; wear and winding are required for this movement to keep time. This movement is more susceptible to shock from drop and vibration. Automatic movements are more valuable and more collectable.

After purchase, can a customer convert an Automatic to Quartz (and vise-versa)?

We can easily convert Automatic to Quartz ($50) plus return shipping.

Quartz to Automatic is dependent on the watch collection (dependent on movement required). We cannot convert the Chronograph and GMT to Automatic.

Where do I send upgrade and service requests (Resco watches only)?

Contact customer service for watch service pricing. Return shipping fees will be invoiced for all work.

Please ship upgrades and service requests to our post box:

      Resco Instruments
       4629 Cass St.
       San Diego, CA 92109

Please include a service request form (link can be found, bottom center of our homepage). Please note who you are, the service you are requesting, copy of warranty card, contact information and a return address. We recommend that you ship with insurance and tracking. Repairs take 1-2 weeks, depending on current building queue at time repair is received. Service fee will be invoiced for repairs out of warranty.

What is PVD?

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a process that produces a durable baked-on black coating/finish, on our stainless steel watch cases.

Will Resco change my watch dial or hands to a different color after I purchase a watch?

Yes. Depends on the available inventory in stock; contact customer service to discuss. A service fee will be applied.

Does Resco offer engraving?
Yes. This service requires up to an additional 2 weeks before we can ship your completed order. Engraving fees cannot be refunded. Engraved pieces cannot be returned.

Can I order extra parts for my watch?

Yes, parts can be purchased in the Straps and Bands portion of our website.

What to do if you break a lug bar?

Lug bars can be purchased on our website. Don't over-tighten lug bar/s or you will snap the head off the lug bar screw. We will always have lug bars for all collections.

Does Resco offer a payment plan?

Yes, we offer a payment plan option. Customer can pay as much or as little as they would like to pay monthly; minimum of $100. Payment plans are usually handled via PayPal; though, all forms of payment are welcome. No interest is collected. Watch will ship once watch and state tax are paid (state tax for WA residents only). PayPal processing fees of 4% will be kept if refund is requested.

Resco will not start a payment plan if we have fewer than 10 units in house.

Resco can cancel a payment plan (return paid funds minus 4%) if a payment is not made toward a payment plan in over 2 months time.

A special event promo code cannot be applied to a Payment Plan.

Does Resco offer a military and FD/LE discount?

Resco offers a 10% active duty military and FD/LE discount and a 15% active duty SEAL discount; verification must be supplied to receive the discount; please submit documentation to Thank you for your service!

Does customer pay state tax?

For CA and WA: Yes, state tax must be paid by customer.

Where do I enter the discount promo code?

Promo code is entered in the final stage of checkout.

Does Resco offer gift cards?

Yes, gift cards can be purchased from our website or via the phone; gift cards never expire.

What method of shipping does Resco use?

We ship USPS Priority 2-3 Day; customer has option of FedEx Next Day for an additional charge. Contact us to arrange Next Day shipping. Next Day shipping fees are not refunded for returns.

Does Resco ship internationally?

Yes, though customer will pay more for shipping and will be subject to country's incoming duty charges. We are not able to ship to all countries due to US Customs laws; order will be refunded if we are not able to ship to your location.

Does Resco ship watches everyday of the week?

Our shipping days are Tuesday and Thursday; however, we often ship daily.

Shall I keep my watches on a watch winder?
We do not recommend a winder; as the winder puts continued wear on your movement. We suggest that you allow your watch to run down if not being worn; give it a good wind (25 rounds), date and time set when ready to wear again.

Where can I find my serial number?

You can find the serial number on your watch case back.

Does Resco offer tritium rather than SuperLuminova?

We prefer SuperLuminova; we may eventually have a tritium lume option.

How do I change a nylon strap?

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I change a leather/ballistic/buffalo/canvas strap?

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I change a Velcro strap?

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I put on my link bracelet?

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I operate my Automatic RC/RCTAC (this line came out in 2012 and is now sold out)?

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I operate my Quartz GMT (RTAC and Red Circle)?

Checkout this YouTube video

How do I operate my Manus Chronograph?

Checkout this YouTube video

What is the thickness of the Sapphire crystal on Resco watches?


Are Resco crowns screw-down?


What is the lanyard that is found in Resco watch boxes?

Carrying lanyard for your watch box.

Can I dive with a Resco?

Yes; 100 - 500 meter rating depending on the watch.

What is the temperature rating for movements used?

Per manufactures specification for the oil used in our movements, a safe temperature rating is -29C to +70C.

Can Loctite be used on Resco lugbars?

Yes, we recommend purple. Red can be used for a permanent hold.

What is the best way to stay in the Resco loop?

Befriend us on FaceBook or follow on Instagram.

Does Resco sell product on Ebay?

Resco Instruments does not sell our watches on Ebay. If you are buying a Resco watch on another site, other than or; the product is possibly stolen or fraudulent.

Are Resco watches available anywhere other than Resco's showroom location in Coronado, CA?

Resco website is the main source for purchase; we do not have physical locations around the country. However, you are welcome to visit our showroom in Coronado, CA.

Thank you for your interest in Resco! Updated 3/4/19.