Resco Manus

The Resco Manus Chrono is a tribute to the legendary, barrel-chested Frogman Max Manus. The Resco Manus Chrono will deliver years of tough, accurate and timely service.

The plan was to attack a large, heavy transport ship, ‘The Donau’. Max Manus met his dock contacts and they synchronized their watches.

The attack had to go off exactly on time in order to cause the maximum amount of damage to the German war machine while offering the shore based saboteurs the best chance of escape.

The water surrounding the wharf was full of floating ice and the atmosphere was tense; guards stood posted on the wharf to protect the ‘Donau’.

Manus and his companion, Roy Nielsen were outfitted with 100 meters of cordtex detonation cord; concealed under their dry suits.

The two had come prepared with eleven limpet mines, two Sten guns, ammunition and grenades in case they had to fight their way out of trouble.

If everything went as planned, the pre-timed diversion set forth by the shore based saboteurs would offer sufficient cover for the Frogmen to attach the mines.

The going was tough as they inched their way forward through the ice using oars and an axe. Navigating carefully alongside the ‘Donau’ they successfully placed their limpets aft of the engine room.

At 2200 all the mines detonated and sank the ‘Donau’ in 25 meters of water.

Manus and Nielsen successfully made their escape. The men had displayed immense bravery and grim determination to see the operation through.

A stiff drink was in order.