Sea Pearl

Ladies, you may not be barrel-chested freedom fighters but you still deserve an Operator Grade Timepiece. Alpha Females are out there. They are identified by their strict work ethic, loyalty and adherence to a certain “Lady’s Code”. Alpha Females take on stress, thrive and get the job done all while making it look as easy as they are beautiful. This “Lady’s Code” requires all Alpha Females to look good and keep up in the style department because it’s always better to be looked over than to be overlooked. The RESCO Sea Pearl is engineered with the Alpha Female in mind. Designed to be stylish and comfortable in any environment that your Lady Code requires, you and your Sea Pearl will look right at home. With the selection of genuine stingray straps and optional ladies strap pack, the RESCO Sea Pearl will go with any outfit in any environment and should be the standard issue for any discerning lady.