An American Watch Brand

This modest company is a labor of love to its founder, R.E. Smith and even wields his name

Resco was not conceived overnight but rather over many years of careful planning and consideration. As a matter of fact, R.E. dreamed of building a watch company many years ago but due to the dynamic nature of his "Day Job" things had to be put on hold. During this time, designs were refined and plans were laid just waiting for the right time to be set into motion. In 2009, the time was right.

Founded in 2009, Resco Instruments set out to build a sleek, simple and rugged timepiece. This vision was realized with the production of the Gen1 Patriot model. Our watches are built and tested in Coronado California.

We pride ourselves on being an American brand. All of our watches are designed, assembled and tested in Coronado USA and bear the name our hometown on the base of the dial. Resco has also produced the Gen1 Re-release Patriot, Gen2 Patriot, BullFrog, BlackFrog, Hooper, Manus Chronograph, Red Circle, Kauffman, UDT, RTAC GMT and Ladies Sea Pearl.

Due to the nature of R.E.’s busy military schedule, Resco must limit production to 600-1000 watches annually. These numbers will grow in the coming years but will never breach 3000 watches in any one year. We invite you to browse our site and ask any questions that you may have. We enjoy the personal interaction with our customers and we welcome any feedback you may have. We also invite you to befriend us on FaceBook; a great way to stay in the Resco loop (link can be found below).