With Resco watches, form follows function

There will never be a dial, sub-dial or bezel that does not serve a purpose. We feel that watches are tools and that functioning tools can posses aesthetically pleasing lines. With these simple rules of design, Resco moves forward producing watches that are equally at home “Downrange” as they are “Downtown”. In other words, Resco has joined the best of two worlds: Beautifully Simple, Rugged Utility.

Cases and movements ready for building and testing process


 2012 Pressure Testing Process (no longer used)


BullFrog sample case after being pressed to 1400 meters; maintained case integrity despite case-back warping

 2015 Pressure Testing Process (currently used)

2015 Timing Process

Trident seconds hand and case back


Luminous Glow Gen2 Patriot

Gen1 Patriot



Resco Watches; built, tested and ready to ship


Custom jobs; yes, we do that!

Downrange; yes, we do that too... Often!